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Sprite's HERO delivers programs for children that provide them the opportunity to bond with dogs - creating relationships that increase self-esteem, confidence and empathy.

Sprite's HERO manages the Paws to READ program in Richmond and surrounding counties. READ MORE...

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"This program works. And it’s not just about reading. I watched these kids come out of their shell, gain confidence, and grow their self esteem. Dogs are masters at unconditional love. They accept the children exactly as they are - no strings attached. And when a child senses that, their fears drop away, doors open, and forward momentum is natural. It’s a beautiful thing to watch and I hope this book shares some of that magic."

Lisa Papp, author of Madeline Finn and the Library Dog


SATURDAY and SUNDAY, MAY 5/6TH - Chester and Charming will be supporting Sprite's HERO at the Richmond Arts in the Park event.  You may even see some Paws to READ canine buddies helping shoppers at booth #316!

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