Connecting kids & dogs to unleash their potential!

Sprite's HERO delivers programs for children that provide them the opportunity to create relationships with dogs that can increase their self-esteem, confidence and empathy.


SATURDAY, June 23rd, Richmond Vegetarian Festival, 12-6p, Bryan Park.  Meet Sprite's HERO representatives and some canine partners!

Through June 30th, shop at Ellwood Thompson's, bring your own bag, and donate your wooden nickels to Sprite's HERO.

Paws to READ tm program

Learn more about the dedication to education and research our volunteers and students experience...


Shop your community Kroger and designate Sprite's HERO on your rewards card. Kroger donates with every swipe!



Interested in volunteering?

Find out how you and your dog can become a Sprite's HERO Paws to READ  volunteer!