United Way 3rd Grade Reading Initiative

Sprite’s HERO participates in the United Way Collaborative Action Network for Third Grade Literacy.

United Way builds collaborative solutions and creates strong alliances that can make an impact today and in the years to come.

One of their Steps to Success is to ensure Grade Level Reading by 3rd Grade.

Kids who are reading proficiently by third grade are four times more likely to graduate high school on time.

Up to third grade, kids learn to read. After third grade, they read to learn. When it comes to literacy, third grade is where the rubber meets the road. A student who is reading at grade level by third grade is significantly more likely to succeed in later grades and graduate high school on time.

Unfortunately, one in four kids in our region is not reading proficiently by third grade. In areas of high poverty, the third grade reading SOL pass rate is as low as 61 percent, compared to the state average of 75.6 percent. If we are to build a better Richmond and Petersburg region, we must work together to improve these numbers.

The United Way convenes the Greater Richmond Campaign for Grade-Level Reading, which partners with school districts, nonprofits, corporations and other organizations to collectively increase third grade reading proficiency across the Greater Richmond region.